Night Rating

Following successful completion of a course of night training the privileges of the PPL can be extended to allow flight at night. All Cubair aircraft are available for night flying.The course consists of 5 hours flying at night during which the student must complete five take-offs and landings, and one cross country flight as pilot in command.

Instrument Rating (Restricted) / IMC Rating

The IR(R) extends the privileges of the PPL to allow flight in instrument conditions and to allow landing and take off in reduced visibility. The course requires a minimum of 15 hours instrument flying training plus a flight test and a written examination. For holders of a night rating the minimum training requirement is reduced to 12 hours.

To apply for the IR(R) you must have 25 hours experience as an aeroplane pilot since the date of application for your PPL. The 25 hours must include 10 hours as pilot in command, of which at least 5 hours must be on cross-country flights, and may include the 15 hours instrument training flown on the IR(R) course.

The course is conducted to the AOPA syllabus and includes basic instrument flying refresher training, applied instrument flying using radio navigation aids, and instrument approaches.