What the press is saying about the Katana...

"Compared to the trainers that taught the last several generations of pilots to fly, the Diamond Katana seems otherworldly, just as today's Cessnas and Pipers must have seemed to pilots who learned to fly in biplanes. But aesthetics take a back seat to the airplane's primary mission - to teach people how to fly."


"As a trainer, the Katana will likely enthrall more newbie pilots than would the bland but familiar Cessnas"

"The DA20 shows signs of being a genuine replacement for our trainers, airplanes that are getting older and harder to maintain every day."

"...with its ultra-smooth surfaces and unusual slim-line design, the Katana has a more modern look than any trainer that has gone before it."

"...you can't help being impressed with the airplane's layout."

"All CFIs agree on one advantage that the Katana has over the Cessnas and virtually everything else-modern looks."

"The Katana meets students expectations of what an airplane should be."

"...at one airport, 152 rental prices went down $2 per hour in order to compete with the appeal of the Katanas."

"If they learn to fly in a Katana, they're more likely to complete their training and earn their certificate."


"The inflight visibility was superb! Without a doubt, this is the best visibility I've encountered short of a helicopter I felt safer flying the Katana in the traffic pattern"

"Overall, the Katana seems to be a safe and easy to fly aircraft that offers superior performance over older training aircraft while sipping fuel at the miserly rate of just over 4 gallons per hour."

"The maneuverability and stability of this aircraft combined with its youthful design should make this a popular aircraft with students and even more likable by Katana owners as they enjoy saving money..."

"There is one thing that the Katana does very, very well and that is to remind you over and over again how much FUN flying is."

"...the cockpit of this airplane is truly a fun place to be."

"The Katana is responsive and extremely well-behaved, the Rotax engine is quite smooth, and the visibility is superb."

"The stall characteristics of the airplane are almost too good for a trainer all airplanes should have such nice manners."

"The Katana is all the things that Wichita never built. It definitely has sizzle."

"It is an airplane that will draw a crowd on any ramp..."

"a flying machine in the truest sense of the word."

"This all-composite airplane may revive flight training with its exciting looksand its low operational costs."


"...it out performs the 152 in every respect. Based on my own nearly 2000 hours in 172s, I would have to admit (reluctantly) that the same could be said of the Katana versus the 172."

"Diamond Aircraft, well know for its successful Katana composite trainer, continues to steam ahead."

"If you compare the handling qualities, comfort and economy of operation to a Cessna 152 trainer, you will find the Katana incomparable."

"The Katana represents a significant leap forward as a training aircraft."