All prices include VAT
Aircraft hire (per hour)

Advance payment
Katana DA20-A1 (100) £215.00 £204.25
Katana DA20-C1
Super Cub L21B £245.00 £232.75
Warrior II PA28-161 £245.00 £232.75
Diamond Star DA40-NG £245.00 £232.75
Slingsby T67M

Instruction (per hour)

PPL, Night, tail wheel, check flights £42.00
Instrument, aerobatics £48.00
In your own aircraft (supplement per hour)

Flight test and ground examination fees

PPL skills Test, LPC, IR/R skills test
Ground examinations

Airfield charges

Redhill Landing fee (Katana, Super Cub, T67M)
Redhill Landing fee (Warrior, Diamond Star) £30.30
Circuit fee (Katana, Super Cub, T67M)
Circuit fee (Diamond Star, Warrior)

Our Services

              Pilots Licences

Private Pilots Licences

The Private Pilot's Licence (PPL) is an internationally recognised licence while the Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence (LAPL) is a UK national licence.  

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Instrument rating

The privileges of the PPL may be extended to allow flight by sole reference to instruments and to allow landing and take off in reduced visibility.  

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Night rating

The privileges of the PPL may be extended to allow flight at night.  

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Aerobatic rating

Aerobatic RATING

Training for the Aerobatic Rating covers the aerobatic manoeuvres required to take part in Beginners class events organised by the British Aerobatic Association.  

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Tail wheel
              differences training

Tail wheel differences training

Pilots converting on to a tail wheel aircraft for the first time are required to complete differences training.  

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              differences training

EFIS differences training

Pilots converting to an Electronic flight Instrumentation System (EFIS) equipped aeroplane for the first time are required to complete differences training  

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              Flying Lessons

Trial Flying Lessons

Trial flying lessons are a good starting point for those considering undertaking a full Private Pilots Licence course. They also make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion.  

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self-fly aircraft RENTAL

Aircraft rental is available to suitably qualified and experienced pilots. 


Ground school

Comprehensive briefing sessions covering ground examination and practical flying subjects available are in person or online.. 

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